U.S. History


Guidelines for Assignment: • Respond to each questions • Label paragraph #’s • Answer each question thoroughly Paragraph 1: • recount briefly the discovery and colonization of the American coloniesParagraph 2: • discuss the main issues and individuals involved in the American Revolution and the efforts to create a U.S. Constitution Paragraph 3: • recount the story of American development from the end of the Civil War to the early 20th centuryParagraph 4: • identify the major issues and themes in the period (20th Century) Paragraph 5: • recognize the importance to America of the shift from an agricultural to an industrial, urban society; Paragraph 6: • discuss the social, cultural, and economic changes initiated by industrialism;Paragraph 7: • trace the growth of the United States into an important world power;Paragraph 9: • analyze the strengths and conflicts within a pluralistic societyParagraph 10: • explain the working of government and the political system during the time period

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