Use managed care

what it is and how it works by Kongstvedt as one of the references On the same Left to Right Continuum (Left being the least amount of management and control and Right being the most control and management) where would the following be: A closed panel HMO? ________________________ An indemnity plan?__________________________ An Open Panel HMO?________________________ Of the following what component or components would be a part of a health care network which a Managed Care Organization would need? _____ Physicians _____ Pharmacy Services _____ Diagnostic Services _____ Hospitals _____ REIT’s _____ Therapeutic Services _____ Non-Physician Professionals In managed care what is a Primary Care Physician (PCP) known as (what are they called)? In managed care what does a PCP do? List 5 of the basic elements of Credentialing


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