Why should schools allow companies to monitor social media websites?

104. Why should schools allow companies to monitor social media websites?

Argue why schools should monitor social media websites.
Must be 4 paragraphs only. Use quotes provided for each specific paragraph. 1-2 other quotes may be added if needed from the web.
Paragraph 1: Introduction with thesis statement. Point to argue is it’s for the safety of students, make parents aware of what is being posting, and prepare one for the real world.
Paragraph 2: Support with 3 reasons (reasons: safety of students, make parents aware or what their child is posting online, and to prepare one for the real world that stands ahead of them.)
Use these quotes:
-“A twelve year old Florida girl, Rebecca Sedwick, who was repeatedly cyberbullied, jumped to her death in September” (Wallace 1).
-“We were able to save a life” (Wallace 1). Dr. Sheehan believes “the whole purpose is student safety” (At some schools, Big Brother’ is watching, 1)
Parents aware:
-Lauren, a 20-year-old college student believes that “schools should be monitoring social media content posted by students because… parent’s aren’t aware of what their children are up to” (Wallace 3).
Prepare one for the real world.
-“A third (34%) of employers who scan social media profiles said they have found content that has caused them not to hire the candidate” (Smith 2). Stating that be careful of what you post online. Think before you tweet.
Paragraph 3: Counter with 2 points/evidence
Some may argue… (2 points= invasion of privacy/abuse of 1st amendments freedom of speech, spending too much money on having company monitor.)
-“Glendale Unified will pay the company $40,500 to monitor posts made by about 13,000 middle school and high school students at eight Glendale schools" (CA School District Announces It’s Doing Round-The-Clock Monitoring of its 13,000 students’ Social Media Activities). Use that quote for the counter of the reason that the school district spends too much money and another quote of your choice from the web proving the other point stated above for the counter.

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