Analyze a Historical Shift in the Dominant Conceptualization of Time in East Asian Modernity

Analyze a historical shift in the dominant conceptualization of time in East Asian modernity, discussing the reasons this shift occurred as well as how these changes also affected the conceptualization of space. General Instructions: You should answer the question with reference to THREE readings assigned for this class. DO NOT do any extra research or cite sources other than those which we have read for this class. This is a thought paper; it is not a research paper. Note that this question contains three parts: you will need to define a dominant conceptualization of time (what is the nature of this conceptualization and why is it dominant?), discuss the reasons why this conceptualization might appear (this will involve thinking about modernity), and discuss how it affected the conceptualization of space. If you attend to all three parts of the question, you will write a good essay. The Partial Essay Draft: The partial essay draft should consist of three parts as follows: 1. A thesis statement of one or two sentences. You may not be certain yet what your main argument is going to be, but make a first attempt at succinctly describing the most important point you wish to make. Try completing the following phrase: “This paper argues that…” 2. Justification of works chosen (one paragraph): Explain briefly why you chose each of the three works and how you expect they will fit together. For example: “I chose the reading by Tanaka because he shows how…”, “I chose the reading by X because she shows a similar/different understanding of time…” 3. List two to five questions that you plan to use to focus your paper. These are likely to change as you write, but having some working questions will help you get started. These should be questions that can be answered in the form of topic sentences for your paragraphs. Inside the paragraphs, you’ll develop the answers more fully. (Note that the questions are only for this draft stage and should not appear in your finished paper. The essay should contain definite analytical statements which try to answer these questions).

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