Questions 1-20

Go to

and watch the PBS NOVA: Hunting the Edge of Space: The Ever Expanding Universe (2010)

andanswer the following questions using only the info. provided in the video.


  1. Name the first high altitude observatory that used a large mirror.
  2. What is the diameter of this mirror?
  3. What year did this observatory open?
  4. Who used this telescope to identify distances to spiral nebulae?
  5. How (using what type of star) were the distances to the spiral nebulae measured?
  6. How many galaxies have been found (by 2010)?
  7. What instrument splits light into colors?
  8. True or False: the Doppler effect works for both light and sound
  9. the further the galaxy, what happens to its speed?
  10. Describe the ping pong ball Universe model.
  11. the Sloan Digital Sky survey was able to measure how many galaxies at once and how many total (by 2010)?
  12. According to video, what type of telescope found the Cosmic Background? and which 1978 Nobel prize winner was interviewed in this video?
  13. What did WMAP reveal about the Universe?
  14. What is Hubble Deep Field?
  15. What is the age of the Universe observed by Hubble Telescope after the 2009 repair mission?
  16. What is the most mysterious thing discovered? and was it a surprise?
  17. What standard candle is used for galaxies more than 10 billion ly distant?
  18. What was concluded in 1998 about the slowing down of the expanding Universe?
  19. What makes up most of the energy content of the Universe?
  20. About what % of the Universe is NOT invisible (per video)?
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