Death March by Yourdon

Paper is based on Yourdon, E. (2004). Death March (2nd ed.). Prentice Hall ISBN: 0-13-143635-X Thank you!!

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Death March Response Paper and Discussion
After reading the Yourdon (2004) text, Death March, responds to the questions in Activity 1 below based on what you learned. Then you will discuss your thoughts in a class discussion building on what Yourdon describes as a Death March project.
• A project where the project parameters exceed the norm by at least 50%. Also, that one or more project constraints have been imposed upon the project:
• The schedule has been compressed to less than half the amount estimated by a rational estimating process.
• The staff has been reduced to less than half the number that would normally be assigned to a project of that size and scope.
• The budget and associated resources have been cut in half.
Activity 1: Response Paper
Your response paper should be approximately 3 pages (not including title pages and references). Refer to the SCIS Graduate Template for APA Papers to guide you.
• Refer to Table 1.1 Reasons for Death March Projects in the text. Yourdon points out several reasons why Death March Projects occur. Select what you believe to be the top three reasons that lead to Death March project management. Explain your rationale for each in at least two to three paragraphs providing examples of where you have seen, read about, or believe that these reasons have occurred.
• Additionally, Yourdon briefly discusses Goldratt’s Critical Chain Scheduling. In two to three paragraphs, provide your opinion on the viability of adopting this type of approach in organizations today. If organizations could adopt this approach, would they be more successful? Provide a rationale for your response.

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