efficacy and influenced leadership

Dr. Clover (Last Response Needed For Unit 5 Second Week)

Here we are in the count down of the last week of this class. It seem like it was a long way off however, now it feel like days have turned into hours now as we work toward making the deadlines. This has definitely been an interesting class. The last discussion board is broken down into several different parts. I will attempt to address them all however, I have gained so much information and knowledge from this class that I hardly know how to begin or get it into words on paper.
The first bullet point addresses the competencies that I was able to develop in researching and writing the course comprehensive project. It became abundantly clear how crucial it is for one to manage, and utilize all the course material whether it is in the form of learning material, or the reading assignments in the course text book along with the Live Chat where much of the information was reinforced by the Professor. In other word the ability to ask questions and listen to other classmates asking questions and obtaining answers to their question help me to think deeper. There are so many different styles of leaderships and the course material along with the Intellipath assignments being broken down in different nodes allowed me to be able to focus on the different leadership styles and also take a sneak preview of the three leaders that I have chosen to discuss in the final Individual project in this class. In other word I have learned more of how to compare and contrast the different styles of leadership. I gained the knowledge of how both leaders and manger play import roles in management.
Reflecting back on the discussion and reading, intellipath, content, and assignment in this course some of the most important for leaders is for them to be able to implement a vision and mission that his, or her follower are able to grasp and it is essential that they both are in alignments with the goal and vision and mission of the organization. Communication skills are crucial in leaderships and management roles because it is crucial for instance when they are giving out instructions, or discussing changes that they convey the same information to all that are involved. In other words leaders and manager alike to ensure that there is not a misinterpretation of the details. Leaders and managers need to ensure that are information is explicit and very clear for everyone involved in the process. It will require many skills however; communication is of great importance to become an effective leader or manager.
The role that technology plays in the efficacy and influenced leadership in the 21st Century by allowing leaders and mangers to be able to communicate with each other whether they’re in their perspective offices ,or out in the field even in remoter area . In other word technology has become an intricate part of the leadership processes as far as being able to stay in the loop, or the know as to what is going on with his, or her organization whether they are in the office , working from home, or on a business trip which, may essentially take them out of the state, or the country for that matter. Technology has become an essential means of communication for all organization in the 21stCentury. In order to be able to stay competitive it is crucial that an organization of today have implemented a technology plan, and one that is easily updated. It has to equipped and ready to implement change when and if become necessary to do so. Technology is a field that is ever changing and constantly upgrading it systems. I guess it would be safe to say that the use of technology has remove barriers as far as communicating compared to way organization were forced to conduct business in the past. There are emails, faxes and telecommunication, and one time document used to have to be moved from place to place by means of the postal service, or other express carrier which, essentially took a few days, or longer in some cases. In the 21st Century that time line has been cut down to a few minutes, or some cases less than that dependent upon the internet speeds, and the location.

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