Environmental Influences on 4 year Old Development

DISCUSS THE ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES THAT PROMOTE THE PHYSICALM COGNITIVE AND PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF A 4 YEAR OLD CHILD for the age group – use relevant theories (including work of paiget and erikson) – to discuss the environmental influences that PROMOTE physical, cognitive and psychological development of this age group. In the discussion must include ONE activity that parents/gardians could undertake with their 4 year old that would ENHANCE the adolescents development in ALL 3 domains. Use literature to support decision for activity. HEADINGS YOU MAY USE period of lifespan environmental influences on physical development environmental influences on cognitive development environmental influences on psychosocial development activity MINIMUM of 8 REFERENCES as follows 3 journals (2009-2014) 3 books (2009-2014) 2 websites (not .com sites) may use seminal works such as piaget’s (1970’s) and eriksons (1980’s) – either cites from secondary source (<5 yrs old) or the original works as primary source.

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