Information Technology Solutions

3. Information Technology Solutions

Using the case study below, develop a 3 page paper that is well organized and provides specific answers to each part of the assignment. Your answer is to be complete and is to demonstrate your understanding of ALL of this semester’s lessons.
Case Study:
You are a consultant working with a human services agency, serving adults with developmental needs. The agency has recently expanded to create an office at a new facility, in addition to the existing current location. The original office housed 3 administrators, 2 case managers, 3 on call support staff and 1 receptionist in one location. With the new location, there are now 5 administrators, 12 case managers, and 2 receptionists. In addition, there are 2 field (mobile) administrators and 6 field case managers who work remotely with current and potential clients. The mobile staff members need to be able to send and receive client records back and forth to the database repository located in one of the main offices. All the administrators and case managers must have real-time access to all client records and daily schedules. There is daily electronic data interface (EDI) between the agency and the state’s developmental disability administration (DDA). The executive director (who is one of the administrators) has reminded you that the agency is required to meet HIPAA requirements for protecting client information.
You, as a telecommunications specialist, have been asked to design the telecommunications network to support this new multi-location agency. Others on the team will develop the applications and databases. Your task is to identify the requirements and design a network solution that will meet those requirements.
The Assignment:
Define the requirements and then design an appropriate network that would support this human services agency. Your answer should:
1. Analyze the given case and provide a clear set of requirements for the network solution
2. Identify the information that is to be protected and the related security requirements
3. Identify the types of network(s), components, devices and equipment that would be involved in meeting the needs of the stationary offices and the mobile administrators
4. Provide a network design diagram that clearly shows an appropriate network configuration to meet the requirements, with components properly labeled
5. Explain the benefits of the proposed network solution.
6. Identify the risks and risk mitigation strategies associated with the proposed network solution.
Your paper is to be prepared using APA format and include at least 3 academically credible references plus the class textbook and the class modules. Information from your research should be appropriately incorporated into your written work in your own words and properly cited. Extensive use of direct quotes is not permitted. Use the Grading Rubric below to ensure all aspects of the assignment have been adequately covered.

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