Introduction to Digital Forensics


Case Project 5-3

To continue your learning in digital forensics, you should research new tools and methods often. For this project, download the

user manuals for VirtualBox and ProDiscover. Write a guide on how to load a VHD file con- verted from a ProDiscover .eve image file

into VirtualBox. You can down- load the user guide for VirtualBox at The ProDiscover manual

should be in the following path, under the folder where you installed ProDiscover: Program Files (x86)nTechnologyPathwaysn



Case Project 6-3

You need to establish a procedure for your organization on how to validate a new forensics software package. Write two to three

pages outlining the proce- dure you plan to use in your lab. Be sure to cite references, such as the ISO standard or NIST, to

support your procedure.


Case Project 5-3
Case Project 6-3

You can use the book for one of your references.

This website below can give you insight on the 5-3 case.—itm455-information-security




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