Marketing Distribution Management

88. Marketing Distribution Management


my project company is Microsoft Company.
4. On the Global Marketplace –
a. Defend or reject or modify Levitt’s bold assertions on the nature of the global firm. Consider your
marketing plan company as a reference point to help build your discussion.
i. The world’s needs and desires have been irrevocably homogenized. This makes the
multinational corporation obsolete and the global corporation absolute.
ii. Technology drives consumers relentlessly toward the same common goals – alleviation
of life’s burdens and expansion of discretionary time and spending power.
iii. Cultural preferences follow one of two paths: they eventually lose relevance to economic
decision making, or they diffuse to other groups and become the substance of global
b. Lastly, identify and discuss the main globalization opportunity or challenge impacting your project
company. What must be done to strengthen the global position of your company’s brand?

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