Mass Communication

99. Mass Communication

All quarter, we?ve been discussing the constraints put on the marketplace of ideas. Many of these constraints are brought about by the commercial nature of the marketplace. However there are also governmental concerns that come to the forefront.
The Industry argues that they are simply ?determined media? whereas the government seems to subscribe to the theory of ?media determinism?. Whichever theory is correct, the constraints put on the marketplace tend to lead to fascistic control of the marketplace of ideas. The result is popular culture that is lacking in terms of cult value and high in exhibition value.
Explain the above statement, being sure to define all terms, and then give your opinion on it. Be sure to BACK up all opinions with course material.
Use examples from coursework ONLY to either prove or disprove the statement.
Answer this question in a thoughtful essay reflecting your true belief. Your conclusion is not relevant but be sure to back up your position. MATERIAL FROM CLASS MUST BE USED AS SUPPORT FOR YOUR CONCLUSION! You should specifically use information from the readings and ALL the documentaries shown in class. The answer should be cumulative- not just regarding the documentaries.

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