Music Listening and Identification


1. The Cultural landscape of the time period.
2. Which demographic did the icon first relate to, and why
did the icon explode beyond his/her initial audience?
3. Is the style of music a contributing factor?
4. Unique visuals (dancing, videos, clothing, hair, gloves,
5. An undeniable voice that transcends genres. 6. Hit songs that stand the test of time.
7. Personal drive or commitment.
8. Personal charisma, presence or mystery.
9. A career that extends for decades.
10. Live performances that defy imagination.
11. A marriage (and possible divorce) with another superstar. 12. Enormous sales.
13. Incredible album or singles chart position(s).
14. Multiple media outlets or exposures: music, film,
television, writing, clothing lines, etc.

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