School Busing

As a member of RBHS’ faculty/staff, you will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Board’s position and the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal set forth by the community groups. Next, your team will justify which of the above approaches you would support and why? Or, would your team advocate a different approach altogether? If so, why? Or, would your team create some hybrid of the varied approaches? If so, why?
After You Read You will find that.
Rio Bueno High School has had a decades-old busing policy. The School Board is now looking into the rising fuel prices and maintenance costs of busing and has decided not to fund it. The new School Board’s idea of racial segregation is no longer a pressing issue for them to confront. Instead the School Board proposed that RBHS be turned into either a “magnet” school or four different charter schools with different areas of educational focus for each school. How can the School Board cut busing, yet keep the school integrated with programs that help increase graduation rates?
In the reading they came up with 4 different proposals to solve the problem. Magnet Schools, Charter Schools, Keep it for the Neighborhood, and Immigration Family/English Learner
—-As of my group we decided to go with the Charter Proposal. There are 5 of us in the group we all split up the work. So my part is Lottery Enrollment. So can you make three slides that goes in depth supporting our charter proposal (strength)
Then, make two or three slides of the weaknesses that can encounter if supporting this charter proposal (weaknesses)
**Find weaknesses and strengths from other proposals as counterexamples to support our claim** USE ARTICLES AND JOEL SPRING BOOK AS REFERENCES** can also look at this website for reference
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