Social Media

My argument is "Social Networking sites does not threaten privacy rights." My opponent’s argument is "Social Networking sites threaten privacy rights." Please make a constructive speech where I will have the primary burden of refuting the other team’s argument by analyzing and explaining the flaws in the opponent’s position. I want you to identify my opponent’s key arguments and attack their legitimacy by turning the analysis to the other side by presenting evidence that destroys or reduces the opposing position; presenting alternate causes that are not accounted for by the opposition argument, exposing argument inconsistencies between the speakers and the opponents and their statements during crossfire. I want you to develop a full sentence speech case outline that includes: (1) An introduction that links your second speech to your first speech, followed by an overview of the issue, which is frequently the opponents argument. (2) please write 3-4 reasons/evidence for why the opponent is wrong that are written out as contentions with claims, evidence, and impact. (3) please write a conclusion that summarizes my position as well as illustrate what the clash (exchange of arguments) means for my position within the debate. *Important: Please make 3-5 questions for me to ask my opponent, to clarify arguments and evidence presented by the other and demonstrate flaws in the opponent’s arguments. Please look at the instructions that I will upload and also BOTH speeches that I will upload. My speech and my opponent’s speech.

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