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SWOT Analysis on LMSs
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There are two types of learning management systems that are commonly used all over the world; one is the open source also called the open-access learning management system and the other is the proprietary learning management system. An example of the open-access LMS is the Moodle LMS. Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (LAMBDA SOLUTIONS, 2017); it is an open source software used by institutions to provide online training and learning. An example of the proprietary LMS is the blackboard LMS; this is a technological learning platform used by organizations in training, learning, team-building and management (ECO, 2018). There are several ways of knowing the right learning management system; one of them is setting the goal for the training, the other is assessing the learners’ circumstances and the last one is assessing the organizations ability to manage a self-hosted learning management system. The three issues can be addressed through a SWOT analysis on both the Moodle and the blackboard MLSs.
The Moodle MLS has several strengths. One of them is that it is very cost effective. This is because it is an open access and hence free. The clients can access it and use it to their wish without any extra costs. Another strength of Moodle is that it offers expert Moodle help without incurring any extra cost; this means that the client is able to effectively use the platform. Thirdly, Moodle is managed by a global society; this makes sure that learning materials are constantly being updated freely by those who understand how it works. Fourthly, the platform is very flexible (Chaudhari, 2017).
The blackboard MLS has several strengths. One, it has a proprietary intellectual property. Two is has tenured leadership. Three is has a successful acquisition record. Four, it has a continuity when it comes to product and service innovation
One of the weaknesses of Moodle is that its OSS is designed for IT experts and therefore it is difficult for other people to use it. Another weakness is that the explanation given about getting Moodle up and running are very simple but the actual process is difficult.
The blackboard has several weaknesses. One, has an aggressive way of acquisition as opposed to organic growth. Two, it has a recent share dilution. Three, it has no patent protection on technology. Four, it doesn’t integrate with google APPS (Chaudhari, 2017).
The opportunities of the Moodle MLS are; make the instructions clear on the process of getting the platform up and running to avoid people getting stuck along the way. The other is make the OSS less complex so that normal people are able to use it easily as well.
There are several opportunities in the blackboard MLS. One, it has the chance to increase the already high retention rate from learners. Two, it has the chance to increase switching costs from learners. Three, it can create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities from learners. Four, it can secure industry consolidation. Five, it can grow the number of global clients.
One of the threats that Moodle faces is the unpredicted changes in technology. Another is the rejection by those who dislike online learning. The other is the possibility of inadequate technical support to assist clients. The other is the platform not being in a position to provide market exposure.
The blackboard MLS faces certain threats. One of them is the competition from open source MLS such as the Moodle MLS. The second one is that it has a very high switching cost for prospective clients hence making it undesirable to them. The third threat is reduced cost of education budgets which means that people will go for cheaper learning management systems rather than the blackboard MLS (Chaudhari, 2017).
The Moodle MLS is the preferred platform for the organization. This is because it is free to acquire and it is relatively easy to use. The platform also integrates with google APPS unlike the blackboard. The blackboard also faces the challenge of pages not loading correctly (Chaudhari, 2017).
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