Television and Video Game Violence.


Assngnment Instructions
Your goal is to form an opinion about the topic and to
argue for your position by backing it up with evidence
from the readings.
After you complete the readings and watch the videos in
this module write a reflection that addresses the

Early research on the effects of viewing violence on
television – especially among children – found a
desensitizing effect and the potential for aggression. Is
the same true for those who play violent video games?
Argue for or against censoring violence in videos
games or getting rid of violent video games
altogether. Explain why you take this position. Do
you think the relationship between video games and
real-life violence is strong enough to warrant such
actions? Why or why not? You must include Social
Learning Theory / Classical or Operant Conditioning
when formulating your answer.


Your assignment should be a minimum of 350 words
(minimum 1 page) properly formatted:

12 pt. Times New Roman font,

double spaced,

1 inch margins,

Reference page for your text book or any other source
information you use. Your reference(s) start on a new



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