The Case for Reparations


As a group, identify, discuss, and use at least nine facts, i.e., historical events, social movements, or any other evidence from the articles, video and audio clips, that you can include to support your argument. Upload your group responses into the discussion board and respond to at least one classmate.
What is a kleptocracy? What evidence exists to support the assertion of its existence in America?
How would you argue that the disparities in wealth, health, and education experienced among African Americans today directly reflect the systemic racism built into the institutions of America in the past? How would reparations repair the damage done to African Americans?
Read the following articles uploaded on the pages tab in Canvas:
“UN Group Suggests US Consider Reparations for Slavery,” by Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press
“We Absolutely Could Give Reparations to Black People. Here’s How,” by Julia Craven
Terms/People/Movements/ Events/Responses to Racial Oppression and Kleptocracy
White Power Structure WEB DuBois
Booker T Washington The Purpose of Education
Gospel of Wealth Pan-Africanism
Gradualism Niagara Movement
Atlanta Compromise Talented Tenth
Tuskegee Institute NAACP
Tuskegee Experiment – Syphilis Study Crisis Magazine
Pap Singleton American Negro Academy
Kansas Exodusters Sharecropping
Back to Africa Liberia Movement Tenant Farming
Great Migration Vagrancy Laws
Henrietta Lacks – HeLa cells Julius Rosenwald (Rosenwald Fund)
Grave digging Collapsed Southern Economy
John Hopkins University White Supremacy
Scientific Racism KKK
Columbia Exposition William Harmon (Harmon Foundation)
Plessy vs Ferguson – Separate but Equal Contract Buyer’s League
Lynching National Negro Business League
Voting Philip Payton
Migration Cultural Appropriation
Education – black schools vs white schools Blackface Minstrelsy
Edward Wilmot Blyden (Father of Afrocentrism)
Developing Black Leaders
Dr. Carter Woodson (Father of Black History)
Alexander Crummell
Miseducation of the Negro
Marcus Garvey
Washington’s Propaganda
Anti-Lynching Crusade
Ida B Wells
Convict Leasing
Prison-Industrial Complex
Prison Reform vs Abolition
Race Riots – Chicago 1919 (Red Summer), Tulsa 1921 (Destruction of Black Wall Street)
Jesse Washington Lynching 1916 (Waco Horror)
Alain Locke
The New Negro
The Harlem Renaissance

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