compare at least two opposing perspectives on that issue. Part I. Introduction 1. Describe in general the issue that is debated:

For example, you may analyze the importance of this issue important to the culture, economics, political system, or social

structure at the time.
Part II. Historical Debate 2. What is the main argument in each perspective? On what points do they agree or disagree? 3. Analyze

the evidence that is provided to support each thesis: What types of evidence are used? Does the evidence support the thesis?
Part III. Conclusion 4. How did the reading(s) change the way in which you understood the subject? 5. How are the issues presented

in the reading(s) still relevant to you today? Please explain how your personal background and life experiences might influence

your perspective on this topic? 6. Imagine that you have been asked to tackle a current national or global issue. How would you use

the readings to help you do so?

Format: minimum of 500 words. 11 point font



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