This not a research paper assignment. You must follow the directives in order to pass the assignment, APA format 6th edition. I’ve uploaded the instructions for this assignment in a Word Document


**Please ensure that all the pieces are included in the mini lesson plan.**

The Best Value in Formative Assessment (Chappius & Chappius, 2012)
What Are Formative Assessments and Why Should We Use Them? (Dodge, 2013)
What is Curriculum-Based Measurement and What Does it Mean to My Child? (McLane, n.d.) [PDF]
Writing Problems/Disabilities (Writing, Spelling, Handwriting, and Grammar) (2007)
WRITING PROBLEMS/DISABILITIES (Writing, Spelling, Handwriting, and Grammar)
Evidence-Based Practice Summaries (The IRIS Center, n.d.)

Evidence-Based Practice Summaries

A Guide to Choosing Web-Based Curriculum-Based Measurements for the Classroom (Goo, Watt, Park, & Hosp, 2012)


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