The Carnegie Cyber Academy Library site provides an index of definitions and additional resources for IT tools and technologies.

Building on the work that you prepared for Milestones One through Three, submit a document that builds upon the previously completed milestone summaries to provide an overall summary of the distribution company’s IT system as a whole. Additionally, describe how each individual system component (HCI, database, programming, networking, web technology, and security) interrelates with the others and summarize the importance of IT technologies for the overall system.

To complete this assignment, review the following resources
Updated 12/4/2016

IT-200 Final Project Submission Checklist

NOTE: Please reference the rubric at all steps of completing your project.

While going through this list, remember to incorporating different aspects of each of the IT components in each section to illustrate the interrelationships that exist within Swagger’s IT environment. When adding screen shots to your paper, please use the Snipping Tool found in MS Windows whenever possible. Please review the video posted in class on making screen shots. Please note that even though the rubric states the paper should be 5-7 pages in length, you may exceed this without penalty.

Summarize the benefits of HCI – Why is it important? How does it help Swagger employees do their jobs?

Suggest one enhancement for MS Word orMS Visio (why is this suggestion justified? Use multiple examples)

Create a tutorial for new employees who are familiar with Microsoft Word but have never used Microsoft Visio. (This tutorial needs to introduce two basic functions and/or menu options.) Incorporate connections to human intuition and similarities to MS Word when possible. (include screen shots and point out at least five components using arrows or circles and text)

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Access (Database)
Summarize Swagger’s database environment and identify and define Tables, Fields, Data Types, and Queries and what the queries do.

Change data type to “currency” and show query results before AND after adding data to the table (include screen shots)

Identify the functionality of key code components and label them appropriately.
Describe and highlight thechanges you made to the code

Add a new line of code above the date that says “Welcome to Swagger Distribution!” and change the word “Current” to “Today’s”. (include a screen shot of this)

Summarize the wired network, describe each component that is connected and use this as the basis for the MS Visio diagram that incorporates a wireless component to Swagger’s network.

Summarize and create a Visio diagram for a wireless version of the wired network and Accurately label each component inside the Visio diagram (screen shot)

Web Technologies
Summarize and define 10 key components that would benefit Swagger Distribution and describe why each one is important

Suggest 2 technologies that are currently being used on a real world website. Using screen shots, label and point out where the other website is using these. Why is this technology beneficial? How would this type of technology benefit Swagger?

Information Security
Discuss the importance of information security

Recommend 2 information security practices that Swagger Distribution should implement and use research to back up your recommendations
Using real world examples, address possible security issues that Swagger Distribution could have and discuss information security practices that alleviate or prevent this sort of security failure such as cookies, viruses, malware, passwords, etc.

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Summarize Interrelationships
Describe the relationships in detail between HCI, Databases, Programming, Networking, Web Technologies, and Information Security. How does each one work with the others? How are they dependent on one another?

Describe why each of these technologies are important to the entire project. Justify why the company should be informed of IT changes and new possible risks to the system

APA format (Running header, headers above each section, cover page, reference page, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, double spaced, page numbers)

Use inline citations

List of references

No spelling or grammar errors

Professional presentation