doing the movie: Split


1. Select a mental illness case study from a movie or other case studies. Use the case study to analyze a specific major character who suffers from a diagnosable mental illness.

2. Provide a short synopsis of the movie/case and a clinical history associated with the character disorder.

3. Develop assessment and case formulation using the integrative model of diagnoses of the DSM-5 with your rationale and any rule-outs.

4. Use DSM-5 classification to provide categorical information (Diagnosis), dimensional information (Severity rating) and additional information if any (Medical problem, Psychosocial problem) as part of a proper diagnosis.

5. Describe treatment goals and planning associated with the character disorder.

6. Study and critically discuss some literature research on the prevalence, classification issues, symptoms, treatment effectiveness, diagnosis, or possible etiological and other factors associated with the character disorder.


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