Environmental Analysis

10 subtopics and need a paragraph for each topic
1.environmental analysis 6.marketing segmentation strategy
2.industry information 7. positioning strategy
3.competitors marketing 8.pricing strategy
4.corporate mission 9. promotion strategy
5. marketing strategy 10 distribution strategy

Environmental Analysis-Discuss the environment in which your organization operates?What major environmental forces affect or will affect you?Which aspects of the social-cultural environment most affect your organization?How will you conduct environmental scanning?
Industry Information-Discuss the nature of your industry.What is the current climate in your industry?How would you describe the future of your industry?What entry or exit barriers exist in your industry?
Competitor Analysis-Briefly analyze an important competitor in terms of strategies, objectives, strengths and weaknesses.Discuss the various classes of your competitors, mentioning names.Discuss the intensity, or degree, of the competition you face
.Corporate Mission-How would you define your organization’s mission?Discuss your value orientation—what you intend to deliver to consumers.
Market Strategy-Discuss your use of a market-scope strategy—do you serve the full market or just part of it?Discuss your use of a market-geography strategy—are you local, regional, national or international?Discuss your use of a market-entry strategy—explain your decision to enter a new market.
Discuss your use of a market-commitment strategy—how do you decide which markets you will commit to and how you will do it.
Market Segmentation Strategy-Using one product or your entire organization, discusses your level of market segmentation.
Positioning Strategy-Discuss your product positioning strategy.Discuss your product re-positioning strategy, if relevant.
Pricing Strategy-What will be your immediate pricing strategy?What factors determine your organization’s degree of price sensitivity?Discuss your various products’ elasticity of demand. How sensitive sales of your products to a change in price?Which pricing strategy will you select?
What methods might you employ in adapting your price?Discuss your use of a price-flexibility strategy. Do you charge different customers different prices for the same products?Discuss your use of a product line-pricing strategy. How does the price of one item in your product line affect the prices of other items in the line?Discuss your use of a bundling-pricing strategy. Are any of your products available as a bundle for one price?How would you respond to a competitor’s price change
?Promotion Strategy-Discuss your promotion mix strategy, including media advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations/publicity.Explain the factors that do or will influence your promotional strategy.Discuss your advertising copy strategy.How will you measure the results of your advertising effort?How will you set media timing, and decide on the geographical allocation of your advertising?What purposes are hopefully served by your sales promotion efforts?Which consumer promotion and/or trade promotion tools do you use?Discuss your personal selling strategy.Discuss your sales force structure.Discuss your sales force size and method of compensation.What factors are considered when recruiting and selecting sales representatives?Discuss your efforts at training and supervising sales representatives.How do you motivate your sales representatives?How do you evaluate your sales representatives?Distribution Strategy-
Discuss your channel-structure strategy, including channel length and types of intermediaries.Discuss your distribution scope strategy. Local? Regional? National? International?Discuss your use of a multiple-channel distribution strategy.How will you determine the number of intermediaries to use, and the responsibilities of channel members?How might product life cycle stage influence your decision to modify channe larrangements?Do or could you use multiple channels of distribution? Discuss possible examples of channel conflict, their causes, and how you will manage them.What legal or ethical issues might arise regarding your channel relations?

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