Reading response

Horn &Giacobbe distinguish between interactive writing lessons and a student’s independent writing during writing workshop. Look closely at the analysis and open-ended prompting the teacher uses to move Janaya forward.For the Reading Response, pretend you are the teacher of the class from Horn &Giacobbe. You just taught a whole group lesson on “Listening for Sounds in Words” to your class. You are circulating around the room to conference with individual students during Writing Workshop. You meet with two boys separately. Based on your readings from Fletcher (Ch. 6 and 17) and Horn &Giacobbe (p. 97-123):
1. Write a brief, bulleted analysis (2-4) of each child’s illustrated writing and next steps (goals for conference- 2 or 3).
2. List possible prompts (3-4) you would explicitly say to move each boy’s writing forward.
3. Write what you would say (2-3) to the child’s parent(s) during a conference about these samples.
Teacher: “Tell me about this.”
Boy #1: “I went outside. I played Frisbee. See, that’s Connor. He came over to play after school. He lives next door.”

Teacher: “Tell me about this.”
Boy #2: “I cut off a bad guy’s head.”



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