Research Deliverable- 2

60. Research Deliverable- 2

Second Research Deliverable
Client: Regal Marketplace
Objective: To answer the client question with in depth research that challenges the researcher to look at the question from a variety of angles. To ensure breadth and depth of research.
Format: Use the same format as research deliverable (1) – informal format. Spelling, grammar, etc. are not graded. Please include your key findings organized as follows
? List your team objective/overall question
1) Business Evaluation: Create and execute a secret shopper program. How are secret shopper programs used in the industry? What are options for executing such a program? Include all costs and fees that may be associated with the different options. After researching, create a secret shopper program for Regal Marketplace. Execute the secret shopper program and evaluate and grade their performance. Make recommendations based on your findings.
2) Store Expansion and Brand Analysis: As a business Regal plans on acquiring and adding more
stores. How can Regal Marketplace better build its brand? How strong is the brand currently?
Evaluate the stores current advertising avenues. What other avenues can they utilize to better
build the brand and draw more business to our store? Evaluate all options and any cost that may
be associated with utilizing a specific method.
? List your specific tasks assigned for this deliverable
? Date of research
? Sources of information utilized in MLA format. Include link if found online.
? Include the key findings from your first research deliverable in 3-5 sentences or bullets
? Clearly identify/differentiate the research from your second deliverable.
? List the gaps you identified in your first research deliverable and explain the research you found for these gaps.
Please summarize your key findings from each source succinctly. What did you find in your research? What information did it give you? What is missing? Your findings should be thorough enough that I can clearly understand what you learned as well as useful enough that you can easily use them directly for your analysis/presentation preparation.
The second deliverable should address your gaps as well as any other additional information you found. The Gaps are as follows:
Brand Awareness of Regal MarketPlace, Social Media, Customer preferences, rebranding/reinventing. Research about the cost they have to make for them to rebrand their company. Dont forget to do a brand analysis of the company. Regal marketPlace is located in Whitman, MA. Not many people know about their store so give recommendations on how they can attract customers. While you’re working on this research deliverable, please research about the key insights and be specific of whatever information you get from the databases and also mention on how they can implement the recommendations and analyze the key insights which are as follows
Key Insights:
1. The employees at Regal Marketplace don?t feel empowered or engaged as a team
– Secret shopper research indicates a disconnect between management treatment of customers and employee treatment of customers
– This disconnect harms brand image
– Research shows that intrinsic motivation is more powerful than negative extrinsic motivation
– Needs to be a shift in management style to foster positive employee environment
2. They need a unified brand image/personality
– Employee uniforms need to be revamped and strictly enforced
3. Needs to be a shift from practical employee work activities to fostering a sense of passion and unity among the Regal Marketplace team and management.
– Switch from us and them to ?us?
Do not list a bibliography. Match the findings with the citation so that it is clear what you found where.
INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow the order description carefully and work on the research paper according to the description. I will be uploading 4 attachments which will help you write the research paper.
ATTACHMENT 1- I will be uploading a sample of the research paper PLEASE FOLLOW THE SAMPLE! First, put the title of the website, article or any sort of database (where you get the information from) and then answer the following questions: What did you find in your research? What information did it give you? What is missing? Date of research and then put the citation. Example of a citation: Johnson, Sherryl. “Summarizing Green Practices in U.S. Hospitals.” Hospital Topics 88.3 (2016): 75-81. Print. I want all my citations to be like this.
ATTACHMENT 2- I will be uploading the first part of the research deliverable. The first research deliverable was about the basic research of the secret shopper programme and brand analysis. The objective of the second deliverable is to narrow the research from research deliverable 1 and address the gaps.

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