Editing and Comments

32. Editing and Comments

Item One: Identify "Forbidden Fruits" in previous essay
Item Two: Revise and edit an unmarked paragraph from Essay 1
Item Three: Peer Evaluation: Comment on the quality of revision in a peer’s post using the same criteria + suggesting specific ways for improvement
Item One Identifying “Forbidden Fruits:
1. From your previous paper/Essay 1(yukyee essay 1) in this course, select an unmarked BODY paragraph of approximately 150-200 words.
2. Highlight to identify all the “Forbidden Fruits” in the selected passage.
Item two
Revise and edit the passage by
1. Eliminating the “Forbidden Fruits”; this may require you to rephrase an entire sentence.
2. Replacing vague words/phrases with concrete and specific language
3. Reducing the overall word count without changing your original point but improving the style and content.


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